Quick Installation Guide

We hope these instructions are helpful and straight forward, but if you're having problems, visit our documentation pages to see if your problem has already been addressed. If not, please, .

System Requirements

  • Supported OS
  • HP-UX

  • UNIX Shell

Installation and Configuration

NOTE: The following steps must be performed on all systems you wish to recieve notifications from.

  1. Unpack the script.
  2. Edit the root variable (line 39) to be the username you want reboot messages sent to.
  3. Type ./mail_on_reboot install [return]

That's it. That's all there is to it. The file has now been copied to the correct location and all the necessary links have been created. A test message should have been sent to verify your installation. You should now be sent messages every time your system reboots. If you did not recieve the test message, double check that you edited the root variable to be the correct e-mail address.