Usage Guide

No real installation required. Simply unpack the file, copy it to a common location (/usr/local/sbin is a good choice) and have at it.

System Requirements

  • SSH

Usage Guide

Usage: [options]

-hPrint this helpful message.
-t [target]Specify desired target machine.
-u [user]Specify user on target machine.
-vRun in verbose mode.
-VPrint version number.

For the sake of this guide, there are three assumptions being made:

  1. you have two systems, named redfish and bluefish
  2. both systems have a version of SSH installed
  3. you are looking to create a passwordless login for the user thing1 from redfish to blufish.

This last point is the most important to note. The process for exchanging keys and creating a password-less login is a one way deal. If you want the password-less login to work both ways (from bluefish to redfish), you have to repeat the process on the bluefish system.

Having said that, using this script to create and exchange SSH keys is pretty simple:

  1. On the command line, enter:
    [thing1@redfish]# [-t bluefish] [-u thing1]
  2. Enter the password for thing1 when prompted.

If you don't supply a target system or a username to create keys for, you will be prompted for the necessary information.

If all goes well, you should only be prompted for a password twice and you should then be able to log into bluefish from redfish without having to type a password.