Quick Installation Guide

Installing MiscSAR is pretty straight forward If you're having problems, visit our documentation pages to see if your problem has already been addressed. If not, please, .

System Requirements

  • Hardware
  • ~1 MB of disk space for 10 days of data

  • A UNIX-like operating system and a Bourne shell derivative (e.g. bash)
  • Development is done on Linux, so MiscSAR may not work out of the box on other OS's.


  1. Unpack the tarball.
  2. cd into miscsar-{VERSION}
  3. Edit the Makefile and modify the variables to suit your site.
    Note: MiscSAR requires root privileges in order to collect port data.
  4. Type 'make install'.
  5. Run src/bin/enable_miscsar.

That should be it. Congrats! You now have MiscSAR installed. For questions and support, see our documenation page where you can get all kinds of useless helpful information, or .