Miscellaneous System Activity Reporter

MiscSAR, the Miscellaneous System Activity Reporter, is a system reporting tool for monitoring everything SAR forgot. MiscSAR monitors such things as processes running (type and quantity), number of users logged in, load average, uptime, free and used RAM, free and used swap space, and the number and type of ports in use.

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Be sure to visit the documentation page for how to's, FAQs and a list of the latest patches. If you have any further questions, suggestions, or find any bugs, please, .

VersionFile SizeRelease Date
miscsar-0.0.10.tar.gz269281 bytes23 Feb 2010
miscsar-0.0.11.tar.gz268911 bytes24 Jul 2015
miscsar-0.0.12.tar.gz269947 bytes28 Jul 2015
miscsar-0.0.13.tar.gz270864 bytes25 Nov 2015
miscsar-0.0.16.tar.gz271246 bytes08 Aug 2016