Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why Use MOTDGen?

    To let you know what type of system you are logging onto.

    Why is this a good thing to know? Things change from OS to OS and even from revision to revision. Sometimes the differences are minor, a lot of the time they are major. If you have a multitude of machines with a multitude of operating systems and varying amounts of RAM and processing power, it's very easy to lose track of it all. With MOTDGen, you are reminded of the system specs at each login.

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  1. What is required to run MOTDGen?

    A UNIX Shell

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  3. What Operating Systems are supported?

    Linux 2.x
    SunOS 5.x

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  1. What sort of messages are generated with MOTDGen?

    The message that is generated by default looks like this:

    =~=          Host Name: host.your.domain
    =~=   Operating System: RedHat release 5.5 (Final) x86_64
    =~=             Kernel: $revision
    =~=       Processor(s): 1 X Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5570 @ 2.93GHz
    =~=            CPU MHz: 2933.436
    =~=       Total Memory: 524 MB
    =~=         Total Swap: 1 GB
    =~=     Info collected: Sat 09 Oct 2010
    =~=  Need help?   Send an email to: helpdesk@your.domain   v0.0.6

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