Frequently Asked Questions

  • Operation
    1. No PDUs or UPSs show up on the web page!
  • Installation

    1. What system requirements are needed to run PDUMon?

      CPU: a P5 3.0GHz CPU should suffice.

      RAM: 512MB should be enough, although that is dependent on what is running on the monitoring system.


    2. What prerequisites are required to run PDUMon?

      Perl Version 5.8.x or greater.

      Perl Modules: (

      POSIX(standard distribution)

      Web server (Apache)

      RRDTool ( Installed with Perl module.


    3. How much space is required for data collection?

      Roughly 1.7MB per PDU RRD database, and 15MB for each UPS RRD database.

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    5. What Operating Systems are supported?

      We have only tested this code under Linux, but it should concievably run on any system that has all the prerequisites installed.

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    7. Why a primary vs. backup install method?

      The primary server does all the hard work. It performs the data collection for the RRD databases and generates the graphs. Both primary and backup servers have the ability to conrol the PDU outlets, re-name the outlets, and view PDU Hardware information. The backup server does have any of the graphing capability. The purpose of the backup server is to provide you with alternative means of controlling the PDUS in the case that your primary server is hosed. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU HAVE A BACKUP SERVER.

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    1. No PDUs or UPSs show up on the web page!

      This could be one of two things:

      First, make sure that the cron daemon is running both & scripts. You may need to restart your cron daemon to get this scripts running.

      Alternately, the initial log file under $PDUMON2_HTTP/pdumon2/logs/ may not be owned by the web server , in which case and will fail. Changing ownership on this file to the web server user should fix the issue.