Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What does QuotaMon have to offer over other quota monitors?

    The advantages of using QuotaMon are fairly significant:

    Free - Free is always a good thing when it comes to software.

    Low Data Collection Overhead - Data collection occurs once a week, and all of the heavy lifting for data collection is done on the systems where the partitions reside, which isn't that much to begin with.

    File Access Ages - QuotaMon collects information about how recently files have been accessed making removing stale data from your filesystem easier.



  1. What is required to run QuotaMon?

    Perl Version 5.10.x or greater.

    The following non-core Perl modules: (



  2. What Operating Systems are supported?


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  4. What File Systems are supported?

    QuotaMon has successfully been tested and implemented on ext3, ext4, xfs, ocfs2, and wafl (nfs) file systems. All others are assumed to work.


  1. If a machine is off the network, will the data still be collected?

    Yes. Data is collected and stored locally on each machine with QuotaMon installed.

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  3. Can you control how much data is collected and how long it is kept?


    Controlling how much data is being collected is as simple as removing partitions from the configuration file. As for how long data is kept, that's just a matter of cleaning up old data files, which you can do with cron.

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  5. Does QuotaMon run continually in the background?

    No. The script only needs to run periodically (say, weekly) for a few hours at most. You can set this up with cron.

  6. Does QuotaMon use up a lot of system resources?

    Resource usage is neglible (< 1% CPU utilization).

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