Quick Installation Guide

Below is the result of our efforts to be able to walk you through, step by step, the process of installing QuotaMon on a server and have it monitor that system. Walk through it sequentially or hit the quick links to skip to the juicy bits. We've tried very hard to not leave anything out, but no one is perfect. If you're having problems, visit our documentation pages to see if your problem has already been addressed. If not, please, .

System Requirements


  1. Make sure all of the above prerequisites are installed.
  2. Unpack the tarball.
  3. Edit the following variables in the Makefile to suit your site.


  5. As root, type 'make install'.
  6. This will install the scripts, libraries, and config files in ${PREFIX}/quotamon-0.1.0 and create a symbolic link to that directory in ${PREFIX}/quotamon

  7. Create a crontab entry.
  8. Ex. 0 2 * * 4 /usr/local/quotamon/bin/quotamon


    1. Rename the config file template to partitions.cfg.
    2. Ex. % cd /usr/local/quotamon/cfg && cp partitions.cfg-tmpl partitions.cfg

    3. Add a line to partitions.cfg for each partition you wish to monitor.
    4. Entries in the file should be formatted like this:

      partition : intervals : units

      where partition is either a literal partition name (e.g. /var) or a PCRE regex (e.g. ^/foo) and intervals is a list of access time intervals to split the data into. The details of these fields are documented at the top of the config file.

      Ex. ^/foo\d : 180,365,730 : GB

    5. Run quotamon
    6. Ex. % /usr/local/quotamon/bin/quotamon

    That should be it. Congrats! You now have QuotaMon installed. For questions and support, see our documentation page where you can get all kinds of useless helpful information, or .