Welcome to the NCAR Tools Group

The NCAR Tools Group is a collaborative effort among the Systems Administrators at NCAR to develop robust and freely available monitoring packages. Our monitors keep an eye on things from the standard SAR metrics of CPU and disk I/O to the not so standard RAM usage, uptime and load average. Other metrics that our monitors keep track of are network traffic volume, disk usage and user quotas, SAN traffic volume, power usage and temperature conditions.

Why Monitor?

For system health, overall performance and security. And above all, because you can't prove much without a graph. Checking up on your systems periodically allows you to establish a baseline for comparison and can help pinpointing problems later on. The tools we provide here measure a wide variety of system metrics and produce graphs that help the data make more sense.

The systems administrators at NCAR have developed (or modified) a number of software packages that are useful in our environment for systems monitoring. They might help you, too.

The Software

All of the code below is in frequent, if not daily, use by systems administration staff at NCAR. In addition to the monitoring packages that we use, there are also a number of other scripts that help to make our lives easier. The documentation may be a little (OK, a lot) lacking, but it does work for us. Limited (i.e., a few e-mail exchanges) support is available.

Monitoring Packages
Software PackageDescription
LogCheckLogfile filtering and e-mail reporting.
MiscSARMiscellaneous System Activity Reporter - Everything SAR forgot.
MiscSARGEMiscSAR Graph Engine
NARCNetwork Activities Reporting Chimp
NARNetwork Activity Reporter
PDUMonAPC/PDU Monitoring
QuotaMonUser disk usage monitor
QuotaMonGERQuota Monitor Graphing Engine and Reporter
SANdManStorage Area Network Monitor (Coming Soon)
SARGESystem Activity Reporter Graph Engine
SysDocSystem documentation/Backup Utility
TorqueAcctGrTorque Accounting Graphs
TempMonTemperature Monitoring/Logging Scripts
WMAPWeb NMAP monitor
Other Handy Scripts
Software PackageDescription
df1New and improved version of df command that includes bind mounts and has cleaner output.
EasyPassGenerates a list of semi-memorable passwords for your choosing.
grub2 select kernelAn easier method to list grub2 kernels available for booting and setting a default.
Mail On RebootSends a mail message when a system has been rebooted.
Make User SSH KeysGenerates and exchanges user SSH keys for a keyed, passwordless login from one system to another.
MOTDGenMessage of the Day Generator
vgdevView device information for logical volume groups